Research zine
Research is an ongoing process. Most of the time the output of a research project gets public at the end of it. We take here a different approach and show what we are doing along the way. Because of its basic and minimalistic character, the fanzine format allows to give a glimpse of the field material we produce. Of course it can be quite mysterious at first glance but each issue compiles different artefacts we are interested in.

MRC #1
The first of our research zine can be downloaded at the following URL.

MRC #2
The second of our research zine is out and can be downloaded at the following URL. This edition focuses on the on-line material we gathered about mobile repair cultures in the context of our research project. These data encompasses a wide range of content : from information posted by a repair shop on social media, to the insights and personal repair experiences shared on fixing forum or through online repair communities; from repair tutorials to the way we communicated about this project on the Instagram account of Depot Basel, a virtual art gallery.

MRC #3
… and the new issue of our research fanzine is out. You can find it here. MRC #3 focuses on tools used for smartphone repair. We collected and categorised the once used in repair shops and available online, and also took in consideration other tools we purposed for this usage.

MRC #4
We recently put the final touch on issue 4 of our research fanzine. After the previous edition focused on tools and instruments, MRC #4, which can you can find here, is devoted to repair gestures.

MRC #5
MRC #5 is a mostly visual essay showing a series of pictures from my Chinese expedition. Even if it’s not the main focus our field research, the material depicted in this document offers interesting points of comparisons with our fieldwork.

MRC #6
The latest issue of our fanzine is a follow-up to the previous one. This one is about a visual comparison between repair places of China and Switzerland.