Design Anthropological Futures
The book Design Anthropological Futures was published by Bloomsbury in September 2016.

It comprises a major overview of the various ways in which design anthropology tackles the tricky issue of futures.

Chapter 13 outlines a piece of work by the Studio of Material Life, the ‘Cleaning Up After Gropius’ project at the Bauhaus, in Dessau, Germany. The work began as a project by postgraduates on the Materials.Anthropology.Design MA at UCL, and was developed into an artistic installation using ethnographic materials, for a major exhibition in Dessau in the Summer of 2015.

‘Collaboratively Cleaning, Archiving and Curating the Heritage of the Future’, by Adam Drazin, Robert Knowles, Isabel Bredenbroeker, Anais Bloch, (University College London, UK).
In this chapter of the book, we outline some of the difficulties of considering futures in design, we suggest ways of thinking about futures through material culture (rather than through practices and imaginations), and theorise the idea of the “problematic otherness” of the multiple futures which confront us in the everyday material artefacts and architectures which surround us.