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Books/ Livres

Nova N. & Bloch, A. (2020). Dr. Smartphone: an ethnography of mobile phone repair shops, Lausanne: IDP.

Journal papers / articles de revue

Nova, N. & Bloch, A. (2024). “My Store is a Laboratory”: Knowledge Produced by Smartphone Repairers, eSTS, Vol. 9 (3).

Bloch, A. & Nova, N. (2023). An occasion to learn: Unmaking as a Form of Knowledge Production, able.

Bloch, A. & Nova, N. (2022). Smartphone repair stores. Vigia: Zeitschrift für Technologie und Gesellschaft, 2, pp. 172-181.

Chapters in books / Chapitres de livre

Nova, N. & Bloch, A. (2022). Clinique du smartphone, clinique des usages, clinique environnementale, in Écologies du smartphone, Lormont: Le Bord de l’Eau.

Bolli, M., Renaud, C., Bloch, A., Protti, E. (2020). Learning about Makers in China, dans REALTIME: Making Digital China, EPFL Press.

Drazin, A., Knowles, R., Bredenbroeker, I, Bloch, A. (2016). Collaboratively Cleaning, archiving and Curating the Heritage of the Future in Design, in Design anthropological Futures. Bloomsbury publishing plc, London.

Drazin, A., Knowles, R., Bredenbroeker, I., Bloch, A. (2016). Cleaning up after Gropius, an Ethnography of Dirt, in In reserve:the Household! Historic models and contemporary positions from the Bauhaus, Spector Books.

Bloch, A. (2016). Photo essay : Cleaning up after Gropius, in In reserve:the Household! Historic models and contemporary positions from the Bauhaus, Spector Books.

Research Fanzines

Research is an ongoing process. Most of the time the output of a research project gets public at the end of it. Through the production and distribussion of research fanzines, we take a different approach and show what we are doing along the way. Because of its basic and minimalistic character, the fanzine format allows to give a glimpse of the field material we produce. Each issue compiles different artefacts we are interested in.

Repairing Technology – Fixing Society? 2019-2023.

The REPAIR project, a three-year research project funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), investigates the history of repair and maintenance in Luxembourg in the short 20th century (c. 1920-1990). Mending and maintaining technical items are fundamental socio-cultural practices, which can tell us manifold stories about how our societies are structured, how they work and what needs to be maintained to ensure that they keep on “functioning”.

Three sub-projects focus on the Luxembourg telephone network, continuity and change in local repair opportunities for consumer technologies, and the emergence and impact of the environmental movement on repair practices.

The first REPAIR fanzine is about Thomas Hoppenheit’s project about the shifting landscape of repair opportunities in Esch-sur-Alzette and Luxembourg City over the past century. 

The second REPAIR fanzine volume is based on Rebeccas Mossop’s project about a long-term perspective on the Luxembourg telecommunication network. The fanzine is based on interviews, archival research, hands-on experience, fieldwork and drawing ethnography.

Mobile repair cultures, 2017-2019. 

The first fanzine deals with the beginnings of research. The second edition compils informations gathered online. The third fanzine hilights the tools and machineries used by repair technicians, the fourth number analyses repair gestures mainly through the layout of drawings. After a fieldtrip in China I put together a series of photo taken along the journey in the fanzine number five to then compare with photographs taken in the Swiss landcape displayed in the sixth issue. This was also the last one produced for this project.